Rope acrylic miniature


Rope acrylic miniatures – Anna Ventura original collection

Inspired by the views of the South Hams, Devon, the collection of seascape miniatures features regatta boats racing on a crisp blue sea. The combination of quick yet sleek paintings with the rough rope framing makes it the perfect seaside souvenir to take back home with you to remember your holidays in the southern sea side. With size ranging from 10cm up to 25cm, the prices are extremely affordable and enable you to buy a very unique original keepsake.

The combination of more than one of this miniatures hanging together makes a more complete display. Why not purchasing more than one?


Technical information:

– Canvas: MDF board cut to size with double gesso coating. Sizes ranging from 10cm up to 25cm making every piece unique.
– Paint: Combination of matt and gloss heavy body acrylic paint in combination with matt and gloss mediums.
– Hanging systems: D-Rings screwed onto basic wooden structure with strung nylon braided cord tied with self tightening macrame knots.

* Please see other miniatures belonging to this collection in the acrylic paintings section.

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