Seagulls 1



‘Seagulls 1’ – Anna Ventura original acrylic

* Inspired by the coastal fauna in the South Hams, Devon, the collection of Seagulls paintings are fresh and airy and a good addition to any home. “Seagulls 1” is the first painting of a collection of three paintings depicting the very characteristic early summer blue skies with long clouds formed by strong coastal winds and seagulls flying in different directions. The idea behind the collection is to reflect the movement of the skies in that particular time of the year, and to reflect the behaviour of the seagulls in a time when they are specially active. To achieve that, the artist has generated several quick pencil sketch studies of the local seagulls and has based the paintings on them.

Technical information:

– Canvas: Cotton deep edge canvas single gesso covered. Size 40x40cm with a deep edge of 2.5cm.
– Paint: Mostly matt paint layered in combination with matt medium.
– Varnish: Double coat of Matt finish varnish. First liquid varnish coat and second spray varnish coat for a more even finish.
– Hanging systems: D-Rings screwed onto basic wooden structure with strung nylon braided cord tied with self tightening macrame knots.

Frontal picture:


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