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Anna Ventura is a graphic designer based in Kingsbridge producing imagery for print and screen display.
Anna studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona specialising in graphic design and carried out her final project in Illustration at The University of Plymouth. With extensive knowledge of art, creativity and computer graphics, she offers a unique mix of artistic flare and digital language that enables her to apply her creative skills to different ranges of creative projects. All her designs are elegant and well thought through, understanding the relationships between the public and the piece of graphic work and always keeping an approachable relationship with the client. Check her portfolio of works and give her a call and discuss your design needs.


Anna also practises as an artist and is a well known member of many community organisations:

– She is also the vice-chairperson of Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas, a community organisation in charge of raising funds for the yearly event, Anna also manages their merchandise and graphic image.

– Anna is also a member of the Kingsbridge and Salcombe Chamber of Commerce, for whom she has also developed projects as a graphic designer and artist.

– Or discover more about her artwork at www.annaventuraartist.com

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